Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am moving to tumblr.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Forget about my Himalayan homework. I need to work on my brain now. There is something wrong with it. I am constantly hungry(yes, my hypothalamus, i am talking to you now), i feel sleepy all the time except when i am online(thus when all else fails, facebook keeps me awake in school), and i don't even bother to listen to lectures(to be precised, its econs...SRAC? TFC? LRFC? what the shit?). OMG what's wrong with me??!!!!(STH very wrong, duh, cos you are talking to yourself, RX)

Anyway, I love my classmates, or well, most of them anyway. My class is awesome, my school is not, btw. Anyway, i think there is sth wrong with all the maths teacher in school(MR KHOO and his LAME LAME JOKES, MR XXX with WTH, and his shark-fish theory, and his narcissistic character, and his stupid beach drawings...). Don't you just love them for making maths more lively?

AND CRAP CRAP CRAP common test coming in one month and i still don't understand a single shit about econs, thanks to BM D: so far i only love my chemistry very much. guess it's in my blood huh, thanks mum! :)

Concert's coming,i still get distracted during practice, danggggggg. Plus going for another three, aka band, harmoc and angklung, i feel so RICH and ARTISTIC now.

Another shitty thing is, i have to do office hours for my boarding school. EFFFFFF.

Another more shitty shitty thing is, i gained weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is the death of me man!!!!!

Okay, gtg and attempt chem bonding II tutorial(which our lecturer FAILED to complete, wth). Wish me luck!

P.S. the dumb ecareer website suggests that i should be a lecturer. can you imagine THAT? All the ugly words will come out if any student pisses me off! SO NOPE I DON'T WANNA BE A LECTURER THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR/MADAM.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I need to start digging before my pile of homework grows taller than the Himalayas.

Anyway i realised after using the mouse for 1 hour, i can't switch to writing immediately. They look like crap now. And i am supposed to staple them with my chem pract booklet. Shoot.

I don't know why i am blogging now. Procrastination starting again. The bug just won't let me off. I am going to sleep in class again tomorrow.

And the econs essay ROCKS. How to write the supply side????????????????? LKAFANHLFABHLBDNGCJZTGLITVYHWYITYO.

It's the time of the month. CRAP.

LOL with LOL, not :(

Saturday, April 3, 2010


3 is a very bad, bad number. D:

Yeah i gained 3 kg over one month since i started staying in boarding school. Oh mannnnn. I am never losing my fats now. Some of them stayed in my body for so long that they even started to harden. :(

And the worst thing is, i am growing HORIZONTALLY. If i grew taller and gained 3 kg, i will be jumping all over my room now but NEH it's pure FATS. Is there some way i can make my body converts the energy i taken in into something that will be secrete out of my body EASILY? I spent 3 months losing 10kg and i gained all of them back in 2 months like seriously, WTH. I hope i don't pass this gene to my children next time D:

Okay i am thinking too far anyway so BY THE WAY i am very very happy that i got silver again for NAPFA. And yes i am a very easily contented kid so silver is fine for me! The terror of running 2.4km has made me passed my 2.4km run. What a paradox. Haha.

I realise i am quite lame thanks to MTTM but i will continue to support them! *random* I also like to disturb people which Muttons love to do as well, so i think i am turning into a Kambing. Crap.

Friends gathering next wednesday! Hope it won't clash with any other stuff! But unfortunately, it's a buffet gathering. I think i just lost my resolution to lose weight again...

PLUSPLUSPLUS i am so unlucky i spoiled my GC and i haven't even used it for one month D:D:D: I am such a pro next time anyone wants to completely disintegrate something you can come to me, FOC. :)

Well, i think that's all. My memory is not working again.

LOL with LOL,

P.S. I am starting NOT to regret joining my CCA! :D That's a good thing right?

P.P.S I am such a procrastinator i am disgusted by myself. D:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PW FTW!(whatever you want it to mean, but i think you know what i mean)

All i can say is,

a week of sleeping late+NAPFA+sore throat= a zombie(ME)

But i am still super happy that i got my Silver back for NAPFA. And don't ask me about my standing broad jump thank you very much.

Chem lecture test was not hard. Thankfully.

More test to come, i think the worst is Bio. All the memorising. MAN.

Had a sucky Bio pract today as well, ARGH.

Should i pon my CCA tomorrow to go for class outing? It will be the fourth time since school start. FML.

I prolly sound very negative now but yeah I am near the edge of falling into a zombie-like trance so i am grateful i can still type these nonsense out.

I wanna go for OAC Night Hike too! But not enough people to form a group D:

And the rumour that I have to clean horse poo at YOG is so NOT helping either. YAY. >.> I volunteered to be an usher!!!!

Next week still got MOTP outing, can't wait to see you guys again. :D this one thing i am happy about. Because i know once you all go Poly we will unavoidably drift apart. Must find more new friends okay!

Speech Day @ CHR...not wearing blazer that's for sure.

And i think i will be murdered by my dad for going on internet so much. FAREWELL dear modem.

I think that's all.

LOL with LOL, NOT.

PW FTW!(whatever you want it to mean, but i think you know what i mean)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

GZ camp!

Wednesday 170310: Went to school in the morning and practice/learn/practice, quite boring yet fun at the same time XD Don't ask me how that can happen because i am just weird. And weirdness requires no reason. :] Amazing race in the city area in the afternoon...First, we took bus from NJC to Marina Square(or i think it was MS?). Then from there we walked to Singapore Flyer to play Entanglement, then to Suntec Fountain of Wealth to take pictures with tourists, then walk to Bras Basah Complex/Centre/whatever you call that place to find a shop. Our group slacked and went home after that instead of finishing the 7 stops required since there are no forfeits anyway :D
After the race i was supposed to meet Marg at Woodlands so i went around trying to look for the Cityhall MRT station. WTH, i am a total idiot, i turned back to Suntec City Mall, walked thru the Citylink mall(why does it have to be so freaking damn big?!) then finally took the MRT. My legs were super sore after that because i stood all the way D: We watched Alice in the Wonderland in 3D because Marg took pity on me who whined on FB about not watching it in 3D, hehe. The movie was not bad, but i couldn't understand 70% of the conversations in the movie...It's a no-brainer anyway so i don't need subtitles to understand the movie, haha. :X

Thursday 180310: We had mass games in the morning! It's the same old Knee Tag and self intro games, plus a strategic game where we had to use those flimsy plastic-like rope(what's that called?) to lift up a person. My group totally screwed up at first but managed to catch up later, yay :) After that, the SH1s are supposed to have a "memorise score" period but we kinda skipped out on that because we went to Serene Centre to eat Mcs instead. It was super fun! The 7 of us(the rest of the SH1s who are China scholars abandoned us and went back to slack at boarding school :( ) waited at the bus stop for 10 mins and the heavy rain just won't stop, so we decided to run to Mcs since we are going to be soaked anyway if we continued to wait there. And so we RAN! And realised it's quite pointless, so we just slowed down and walked there, enjoying the rain, haha. By the time we reached Serene Centre, the rain stopped and we looked like total idiots standing at the Mcs looking completely DRENCHED...But it was fun! Bonding in the rain FTW~! We're quite lucky because the Showdown at night was canceled but we still managed to get ourselves wet, hehe. Played Truth or Dare at night also and it was quite fun to hear their love stories(aw). But sleeping on the cement floor made our backs and necks ached the next morning :(

Friday 190310: We sneaked out of school again in the morning to eat Mc breakfast and ended up feeling cheated. The guy bought one burger and one Milo at the price of $2.95, but another girl bought a similar burger at $3.50. She was so sad that she didn't feel like eating her burger anymore, haha. Well, hey, me and another girl paid extra $3 for egg and hashbrown okay! Haha. Went back to school after that and prepared for the Internal Music Exchange in the afternoon(which i screwed up but managed to cover up using my extraordinary acting skills :P). Some of us dozed off listening to the teacher's opinion after the IME...BORING!!!
After the camp i rushed back to BS to washed up and dumped my dirty laundry on the floor(luckily my roommate didn't came back) before going to a friend's friend's house for OG outing. Haha. Talked crap and played ToD again. It was still fun to hangout with them though. :)
Ate dinner with Dad at night and i gorged on the fried rice so much that i nearly puked when i went back to BS...The fried rice is v.nice! Must try! It's at 6th Avenue Centre there! Slept for a straight 12 hours and spent the rest of 2 hours drifting in and out of sleep. It's such a nice weather to sleep in!

And so yeah, that's all for these three day :)

nixour, evol fo stol htiw

P.S. i missed my Facebook during the camp :(